C C.

I show Scottish Terriers and our Scotties have won awards at Westminster and abroad.  I am extremely particular about grooming and I am SO thrilled to find Jennifer Lee at Havertown Pet Style.  I think that Jennifer Lee is a MASTER Groomer.  When Jennifer grooms my Scotties, they could easily return to the show ring!  The best part is that my Scotties LOVE her!

Gary E.

This is the BEST salon I have even been to. My dogs were free and running around in the beautiful desecrated salon after their grooming. The salon was super clean, very modern. My dogs were happy and the groomer was very professional and friendly. My dogs have been pretty nervous to go to the previous groomer, but they seemed really love this place. They definitely deserve 5 stars !

Very highly recommended! My youthful Goldendoodle puppy was giving my other groomer a difficult time. In addition, from my previously owned Poodles and Bichons, I am particular about the way they are groomed. Jennifer's skill with grooming exceeded my expectations. Their convenient location, kindness, expertise and attention to detail will have me looking no further. your paragraph here.

I recently lost my groomer due to relocation and was recommended to try this salon. It is awesome and my 2 year old mini poodle loves going here for his monthly treat!
I am so happy I found them! They are so knowledgable about poodle cuts and very friendly!

Ken R

Lina Z

Very highly recommended. A new pet grooming salon that has been remodeled. It is basically brand new and spotless. We looked for a pet grooming service that provided hand stripping and Jennifer's name came up as an award winner. She is very good with our puppy and we will go back. She did a great job with our Norwich Terrier.

I have a toy poodle named dewey.  I am very protective and cautious about who I trust to take care of him.   After one visited with Jennifer.  I don't know how I ever bring dewey anywhere else.  The enviorment is so welcoming and all the equipments are all up to date.  She took her time on my first visit to get to know Dewey and familiarized his grooming and his health history.  I also find out she's a award winning groomer which is a big plus cause that means she really knows what she's doing.  I'm very happy that I found this place.  I only hope I can still get appointment with her once other dog owner in the neighborhood catch on.

My breeder suggested this salon to groom my Sealyham Terrier. It is very easy to take Maccabee there. I live in Lafayette Hill and it is very convenient. There are very few groomers that know how to groom Sealyhams. Jennifer is a champion groomer and is very nice to Maccabee, who is not easy to groom. He is a terrier! I would highly recommend her place to anyone who needs an award winning groomer for their prized pooch.

Toya M

April G